Vex and the City

Those of you who are kind (or daft) enough to read my occasional ravings will know that I dislike "the American way of life", the State (both with a capital and lower-case "s") of Israel, religion of all hues, governments and their officials who lie/spin/obfuscate, and senior managers who to my mind do little except block true progress.

Papal forgiveness-amen bro.

In my last ramble, I sounded off about, among other things, the Catholic church - it's been in the news again regarding pervert priests and how, with its usual hand-wringing, the Vatican has "apologised" to Ireland for the obscenities perpetrated on youngters by some of its employees. (No mention, you'll note, about the thousands in the USA, Mexico, South America, Africa, India and Asia who've also inevitably suffered a similar fate at the hands of god's chosen blokes.)

Hell hath no fury like Dark Albino scorned

It's some time since I had my last rant; put it down to apathy I guess. When I started this ill-advised venture (trying to whip up some enthusiasm amongst the other great unwashed for things that wound us up) I was a mischievous zealot, fired by a desire to make a few quid/dollars and a few socio-political points.

More Magna Carta moments

On 12 Oct last year I tried here, in vain, to whip up some enthusiasm for honesty, transparency and accountability among our esteemed leaders in parliament. I tried to promote - here, elsewhere and with the BBC - support for Adam Price MP who was battling to get a reading of the Misrepresentation of the People Act 2007 which would outlaw lying, spin and general cheating by people whom we entrust with our lives and tax money.

Gabriel's sandals.

In a previous blog (Love thy neighbour-but keep dry) I wrote light-heartedly about the loss of the angel Gabriel's sandals whilst on a mission to break the news to John The Baptist's dad, Zecharia, that his missus was pregnant. It's worth a recap because further evidence has come to light that helps complete the picture of lethal religious and corporate protectionism.

Magna Carta 2.

I have fantastic news. It could be pay-back time, at long last. 

This, seriously, could be the start of something absolutely wonderful if, like me, you distrust politicians and their lap-dogs. For my American friends, sadly, my knowledge of USA politics is negligible so you may already have something like it in place, but bear with me PLEASE.

More fake-ups.

I don't know what foreigners think of the current state of the UK but I'm in deep despair. As you may've read below, we're awash with fakes, lies, obfuscations, ineptitude, yobs, tensions, do-gooders and do-badders. I've had one pop at the venerable BBC, upon whom we used to be able to rely, but tonight's prime time TV must surely take the prize. I haven't decided what prize yet - let's see how things develop.

Faking it - and other f words.

Oh dearie me, what is the world coming to? We've got governments faking intelligence reports, politicians faking it, TV and production companies faking it, the NHS (and probably other public services) massaging figures and now, to top it all, we've got fake Yardies.

Elite space troopers required.

Apart from the fiasco of British Airways and Virgin airline officials prostrating themselves on the news today in the light of Department of Justice enquiries into another pricing con, (see my blog entry at there's the issue of oil and mineral rights in the Arctic circle. The Russians today planted a flag under the sea laying claim to about a third of the area and all minerals etc thereabouts. This is yet another example of state-sponsored theft and they can just bloody well piss off.

Common man's fightback has begun.

Despite the fact that it occurred in Scotland, I came across some heartening news today that goes to the core of one of our causes. The Assynt Crofters Trust bought back some 21,000 acres of the most beautiful countryside in the world that they are farming again as their ancestors had done for centuries beforehand. The theft of common land by the rich and powerful has also been going on for centuries, but this land was, at last, restored to rightful ownership.They had to pay for it of course, but it was a start.

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