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Gypsy's warning.

I was going to have a philosophical burble about hubris, about which I'll comment in a moment, but I've been overtaken by events which, in actual fact, coincide to a degree. Briefly, as scholars of ancient Greece will know, hubris is a dangerous state of mind that displays a gross contempt for others arising from extreme over-confidence and self-belief. In short, it's a lack of humility, it's about a victor's later actions taken further to shame the victim thereby making the victor even more superior.

No smoke without ire.

It's like the sound of an industrial-sized cutlery drawer being thrown onto a tiled floor. I refer to the skeletons clambering out of politicians' cupboards in a frenzy of self-congratulatory coughing to teenage cannabis abuse. These admissions - currently from fresh-faced labourites but previously indulged in by conservatives - come accompanied by comforting phrases like "youthful indiscretions at university" and "well, in those days it wasn't as potent or as dangerous". Bless.

Who can you believe in 2?

In today's UK news there are two linked themes. The first concerns our old pals at the top apparently getting away with it yet again and the second, the fact that this was seen by me on the BBC - the source of my last piece of target practice. In the alleged "cash for honours" scandal, which has aimlessly rattled around now for 16 months, the BBC reported tonight on Newsnight that no-one was going to be charged because there was not enough evidence.

Who can you believe in?

Having seen the light, as Members of our Order have, we rely on mutual help, advice and counsel to get us through the daily round and to re-acquire bits of other people's fortunes that are rightfully ours. (See chapters and blogs about anarcho-capitalism and state theft.) Nonetheless, as the previous blog entry showed we need someone or something occasionally to show us the way, we require an unimpeachable source of wisdom, a definitive guide about right and wrong. Most sensible people choose the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Divine humour

My job as keeper of the Order's non-faith tasks me with some awkward questions from time to time which I can react to instinctively and/or with some research in the Order's records or elsewhere. I have to admit that, powerful and prescient as I am, there are times when I'm left utterly bemused and leave the topic of my wrath with more questions than answers. Today is one those days because it concerns our mutual bete noir, religion.

Giving the bird.

How often have you yearned to be or to do something that no-one else has?

Work of the devil.

I've come to the conclusion that supermarkets are the work of the devil. (I hear you asking, how come he believes in the devil when he doesn't have a god?

Bombe surprise.

Apart from the basic concepts upon which our Order is founded (see chapter The DeViety Code) you've got to go a long way before beating the normal, sane teachings of the Islamic world. Their 5 pillars, the development of mathematics and their protection of children's rights are among many aspects that are to be admired. However, I'm still very concerned about the recent exposure in the UK and Australia of medical terrorists from the murky world of fundamentalism.

Peshawar pig-roast.

Sorry, but we're on a bit of a roll today. Talking of rolls, I'm thinking of a career change. Whilst I fully support human diversity tolerance I'm getting a little sick and tired of being told where I'm going wrong. "We" are constantly being urged by government and civil liberty groups to work with our communities to encourage integration and cultural acceptance. "We" are continuously being threatened by rafts of new legislation, codes of practice, guidelines and advice on how to make people with diametrically opposed views welcome.

The Burning Bush

At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory once more, our theme of big boy protectionism is founded again. As previously described in this blog, it seems that senior government officials are immune from everything except affluenza and influencea. On the news and in The New York Times today George Dubya has again opened his mouth only to change feet by showing his power of clemency to Scuter Libby, a top Vice-Presidential aide.

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