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Bums and causes.

I've got a nasty spot in a place that, were I not into self-help, I'd find embarrassing to show to my doctor. Some years ago, I had another problem in a dark recess that couldn't go without diagnosis, so I had no option but to grin and bear it, so to speak. As I recall it, the head honcho was your typically disdainful, coldly aloof British specialist but, when I'd been placed in a helpless position (half naked, on my side, with right leg cocked), I suddenly realised that there was a cast of hundreds peering interestedly at my back end.

A Tsar of David is not charged with rape.

Ferreting away today looking for things that The Order can do to change the world I came across an interesting article in The New York Times. It concerned the Israeli President, Moshe Katsav, escaping from a charge of rape. In what was reported as a plea bargain with the Attorney-General, Menachem Mazuz, he has not been charged with rape but has pleaded guilty to other "sexual crimes" and the A-G insisted that Katsav had not been given a "special break as a public figure".

Land of pope and gory.

One of the key thrusts of The Antibell Conspiracy is to restore some sort of balance in our embattled lives by taking back what is rightfully ours, to empower those of us who tenuously inhabit the middle ground through our version of anarcho-capitalism. (See chapter The Conspiracy and its' link.) A major tenet of anarcho-capitalism is that a huge amount of land, and therefore wealth, was stolen from the common man by the monarchy, the aristocracy and the church.

Stay dry - drink at home.

I was out in the countryside today on Order business - applying a bit of discipline to someone who wanted to argue with me - and on the way back to the fortress passed a typical English pub that'd been renamed. It's yet another example of the thought police getting their malodorous teeth and perverted sense of morality into things that I hold dear.

Love your neighbour-but keep dry.

There are few things to which I can lay claim to being expert. As "Keeper of the Non-Faith of The Order" and lead disciple responsible for discipline some of my talents are obvious (see chapter The Celtic Warlord and Dark Albino) but having a detailed knowledge of the christian calendar isn't one of them.

Buns and buns.

I can't contain myself. I'm very angry but haven't quite worked out precisely why just yet. Bear with me. I've just seen a remarkable program on the BBC about a contingent of amazing female Indian police officers that's assigned to the UN as "female peacekeepers" in Liberia. They appear to be well trained in riot control and firearms and the premise is, as I understand it, that they could fall back on these skills if their softer side didn't prevail.

Guns and poses.

Despite indications to the contrary elsewhere in the story or these ramblings, I like Americans. I admire their unyielding faith in themselves and their nation, their generosity of acceptance, they tend not to be judgemental, they are friendly and open (if a touch loud at times) and, in addition to loving America, they seem to revel in being anywhere except America. Above all, I love but cannot explain their apparent devotion to the British, especially the English all of whom they seem to regard as being personal friends of royalty.

Buns and roses.

Well, well - I didn't think it'd be long before I could back up our request for evidence of senior establishment figures "learning lessons" (See the last chapter The Future) with a practical example. As you may recall, on 31 March 07 the Royal Navy had a tenth of its' fleet ignominiously captured by the Iranians in the international waters just to the south of Iraq.

Guns and smokes.

Another thing that upset me today is the smoking issue. Our overseas cousins may not be aware that from this July if you smoke in a public place in England you're likely to get shot, which seems slightly more terminal. My understanding of life in America is that if you fart within 100 yards of a cop you'll get popped, no questions asked. If you drive at over 20 mph, get stopped and look askance at the police officer, you get assassinated in the name of road safety. I believe it's called probable cause and is probably acceptable to most Americans.

Cows, pigs and global warming.

Today I rang my bank and a world-renowned software outfit in order to try and resolve a couple of local problems. Local to me that is. In fact, in my office. I spoke to two gentlemen who sounded Asian and who, if I'm not mistaken, probably work in India. One was very friendly and helpful but apparently inept, not knowing anything much about the British way of doing things, whilst the other was brusque to the point of outright rudeness and seemed not to want to help at all.

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