The Conspiracy

Studies by us, when sober, of an ancient, highly clandestine religious ORDER and its disgusting traditions and corrupt links indicate that by using various light intellectual exercises, wine, a sea-food diet and what is known as Positive Procrastination things are being turned on their head. Through a (mostly) respectful disregard for the rules of life we aim to take Game Theory and Anarcho-Capitalism to new heights. See the blogs for the bandits in our sights.

No longer will we accept that power, influence, money, Cadillacs and truffle oil should be the sole preserve of the church, the U.S. and British governments or their sponsors, including the World Bank. (The poor had better look over their shoulder as well for they’ve had it too good for too long, having drained the rest of us of our sympathy, prayers, charity and ill-fitting clothes. Pasty-faced, lard-arsed, inarticulate and insensate intellectual dwarfs have been excessively patronised and, whilst it’s their own fault, this new order may lift some of them out of their stupor.)

It’s time for us in the middle kingdom to flourish. The time has come for those who believe in little or nothing to continue to do so, but to do it in style. We can blossom within a spirit of communal joie de vivre, free from guilt, taxation, nagging partners and other powerful but shadowy conspirators.

THE ORDER OF THE NEARLY ANCIENT NIGHTS OF THE BEAVER, the umbrella cult of which THE ANTIBELL CONSPIRACY forms a major part, is a fledgling movement but with its foundations firmly bedded in an 11th century Anglo-French truss company. William the Conqueror, Dick Turpin, Napoleon, the Jesuits and George Washington have all been linked, albeit tenuously and tentatively, with a secret sect called THE CORPUS DAVEY whose testicles have reached into some very dark places for centuries.

Take a look at the moral morasses within "Project Democracy" for example and see who you favour, them or us.