The Antibell Genealogy

The Davey family and CORPUS DAVEY began their rise to infamy and, later, to planned obscurity after changing the name from DeViet in the 1500’s. It started as you’ll recall when Papa DeViet became intimately acquainted with William the Conqueror through the tailoring of the latter’s trusses. However, evidence suggests that Papa was actually born Garrick TALLBINE on Christmas Day in 1040. (Christmas was a fairly subdued affair back then because the Americans hadn’t invented it yet, the French hadn’t arrived with champagne, wrapping paper was all the same turgid brown colour and turkeys in those days were only inedible baby dinosaurs that were difficult to trap.)

The recurring theme throughout the ANTIBELL history is coded word association, cyphers and acrostics and Papa DeViet’s family development is central to the whole labyrinthine web. Garrick is very old English meaning “spear power” and Tallbine comes from the Viking root “tall” meaning “big tree” and Latin “bine” meaning “weed”. So his birth-name meant something like “strong-pronged trunk strangler”.

Having a well-fashioned weapon in those days was important and gave rise to the coopering industry which, as you’ll know, was not all about making reinforced beer barrels. Being a cooper meant you were handy with both metal and wood and were likely also to be in the arms trade making axes, halberds, spears and the like. So in true Western religious tradition one could get drunk, become socially, politically or religiously inspired, start a war somewhere and keep all the profits in-house.

As you’ll also recall, in order further to ingratiate himself with the French court he changed his surname from Tallbine to DeViet and his forename from Garrick to Roger. This is no accident either since Roger comes from the old Germanic “Rudiger” which means – no surprise here – “prowess with a spear”. He also chose a middle name of Phillip, spelled then as Fillip, which has something to do with loving horses in Greek (fillipos) but we’ll pass over that one for now.

DeViet became the established, formal family name for several generations until the next change in 1533 to Davey as we’ve already discussed. The tendency among male members of the dynasty to be well endowed, active and adept in the weapons department meant that many baby Daveys were created and thrived. (Well, quite a few did; survival rates were akin to being an enemy of the Bush administration.) Not all of them however kept the Davey title. Names in the old days were inclined to be meaningful, denoting a trade, profession or geographical allegiance or some such, but many male leaders yearned for a return to the ancient family values of quaffing, rogering and philandering which, as you can imagine, was much easier to get away with then before lawyers and DNA evidence.

Therefore a significant number opted to maintain their links with the original family name of Tallbine, either as a pseudonym, nom de plume or nom de querre. Provable and established family trees are a fairly recent phenomenon and we still have to rely heavily for genealogical evidence on the scribblings of drunken, partially literate, disease-ridden and slightly unhinged monks from days long gone so who became, or stayed as, what is a little complex.

Scholars within our order are currently divided both as to the significance and provenance of ANTIBELL. Some argue that he is a lady-boy with the same genetics as Auntie Bella, who you’ll remember was a gender non-specific pervert from the 1080’s and whose name has been corrupted or misinterpreted. Others maintain his name, or title, is a coded reference to the original Tallbine family, converted by anagram to shroud him in mystery. There are other fundamentalists who accord his genesis to a manipulation of the Latin “antebellum” meaning “before a war” and who, with typically rabid religious fervour and intellectual sleight of hand, will be able to convince you it’s a mystical combination of all three roots.