Washington Meets Napoleon

George Washington became President of the USA in 1789 when Napoleon was aged about 20. The former had clearly made it with a background in military stuff, politics and spy-mastering. Napoleon was well on his way to success, becoming First Consul to the French Republic in 1799, the year Washington died.

However, in 1795, by which time Napoleon had made it to the rank of general and was very busy with the French Revolution, Washington was still trying to put one over on the British and had to negotiate The Jay Treaty which resulted in 10 years or so of uneasy peace. Napoleon was no great fan of the Brits either and in the same year arranged a short, all-expenses-paid boy’s holiday in the south of France in conditions of utmost secrecy for George Dubya 1st. Details are very sketchy in the CD records and absolutely no reference of the trip is made in Whitehouse documents or elsewhere as far as we know. It was all very sensitive as you can imagine.

However, as world leaders do in the spirit of true friendship, Napoleon had gathered as much personal intelligence on GW as he could and had discovered that, not only was GW infertile, he was having tooth problems as well. By this time, obviously, the dentures of THE SISTERS OF MERCI were highly popular so, Napoleon thought, what better gift was there to bestow on a new chum as an unofficial memento of his visit? He also arranged certain "discreet" entertainments and holistic "treatments" in a forlorn bid to cure GW of his lack of seed but, given that GW was 63 the diversions were optimistic in the extreme and may have contributed to his demise in 1799.  (It’s possible that both great leaders came across, so to speak, the great-granddaughters of Tracy and Anita. They frequented a certain absinthe bar in Antibes at the time and were courtesans of the very highest calibre and would undoubtedly have been present at diplomatic functions, especially if covert.)

World history tells the rest of the story. Abraham Lincoln later had a set of more upmarket teeth made from ivory, the British were cast out of the Americas but, as it were, stuck it to Napoleon and we all got on quite nicely until the Germans came along. But, which of these immense personalities was a member of, or linked to, CORPUS DAVEY? It can't be revealed; we don’t know exactly and even if we did and gave voice to our suspicions it would cause a bit of a row, but can we pose a question though? CORPUS DAVEY is abbreviated to CD. Diplomatic missions are entitled Corps Diplomatic – CD. Enough said?