Future Discoveries and Mysteries

What we have yet to work out – and this could be really frightening – is who dropped The Sandal in the gutter in Nice and why it came to be there? It’s reasonable to assume that whoever had it is now missing it, is part of the CORPUS DAVEY dynasty and will stop at nothing to recover it and kick over the traces.

What happened to the rest of the original bolt of cloth? Did THE SISTERS OF MERCI pinch a bit off the hem of The Shroud of Turpin to make the pants and nightshirt? What else might they have made and over whom is it having a mysteriously powerful hold? So many questions and so few answers.

Is The Sandal thing a miracle, one of those typical sacred incidents like spontaneously burning bushes, fatherless pregnancies, visions, voices and stigmata that have no logical or even acceptable explanation? Or is this the last chapter in a desperately long history of lies, deceptions, wars, deaths, conspiracies, hysteria, obfuscations, towering egotism, ill-gotten riches and downright subjugation?

Does ANTIBELL now know the whole truth and will he, in turn, conspire to unravel the centuries of doubt, fear, hope and blind panic inspired by an unsubstantiated belief in a super-power?

WE3 have as much of the picture as possible at this stage. The volume containing the list of reliquary contents makes interesting reading and points to the fact that most of the key artefacts we’ve spoken about have now been accounted for. The reliquary contains:
the bishop’s triptych, Deviet’s original sandal marketing parchment, the pewter pint mug with which he was buried, the bones of his left foot, about half of Turpin’s cape, the wire truss framework, ANTIBELL’s Egyptian ud, an EAT Beaver Ltd snuff box with contents, various pots of Sisters of Merci potpourri with contents, several promotional models of denture, 11 crates of assorted curios and a second volume of CD members’ names.

As and when further developments arise, you’ll be the first to know (well, not necessarily the first because you may not be important enough and there may be others who’ll pay more.) but does knowing our secrets so far make you feel uneasy? It should because, as you now appreciate, CORPUS DAVEY is very, very dark and adopts a quaint approach to snitches and cynics. Remember, we have not only the list of names but The Dark Albino and The Celtic Warlord to keep errant disciples on track.

We can’t divulge why just yet, but if any of the following concepts ring alarm bells, please get in touch with us IMMEDIATELY with fighting funds and evidence, no matter how tenuous:

  • a global, dollar-based water company with its HQ in North Korea,
  • international plans to give cars and guns to all children aged 5 and over,
  • people, especially politicians and managers, who say "WE have challenges ahead" and "WE must learn from our mistakes",
  • bed bugs that talk to you in Chinese or Farsi while you sleep,
  • politicians, senior government advisors and Chief Executive Officers who appear honest and/or transparent,
  • any government that wants to do you some good, or worse still, help another country,
  • apparently poor religious leaders,
  • US plans to Project Democratise countries you’ve never heard of (anywhere ending in “…stan” or where beards are commonplace)
  • global warming is caused by too many cow farts
  • the Israeli government complies with some United Nations resolutions

We must unite and be RELENTLESS (within the natural confines of our Pillars) to fight governmental, corporate and religious corruption and undue influence wherever it lurks.

Be on the safe side and join THE ANTIBELL CONSPIRACY and help WE3 to shrug off and expiate the past, enjoy the present and shape the future. Celebrate nowness with us because the future, even with our help, is very uncertain indeed.


The Dark Albino