Dark Albino's research.

As you may know from the main text, I am researching links with The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (www.venganza.org) and The Redonda foundation (www.redonda.org). The latter site lays claim to monarchy and possession of an exotic island and clues in our records may indicate that, although no royal lineage is claimed, some of our protagonists' forbears may have been there in the mid 1600's acting as "entertainers" to the military, local government and church.

Regarding possible subscriptions to and membership of The Order (see chapter The Beginning) the rates have been substantially reduced in the cause of world unity (particularly the Americans who're feeling a touch disenfranchised because of their leader's alleged ineptitude). Terms and Conditions and a "Join Us" link are being drafted now but 3 very worthwhile charities WILL benefit from you joining.