The Burning Bush

At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory once more, our theme of big boy protectionism is founded again. As previously described in this blog, it seems that senior government officials are immune from everything except affluenza and influencea. On the news and in The New York Times today George Dubya has again opened his mouth only to change feet by showing his power of clemency to Scuter Libby, a top Vice-Presidential aide.

This is a man who has allegedly obstructed USA justice and lied to a grand jury during a CIA investigation. He, like our beloved "Lord" Archer, is an establishment figure caught out doing what they do best - protecting themselves and their powerful mates by lying. Libby had 4 counts of felony that could have resulted in 30 months in jail and a $250,000 fine but, like our friend in Israel in a previous blog, has apparently suffered enough - bless him.

Let's be clear though; this act of clemency is not a full pardon. It seems he remains guilty as charged but because he's a chum of the Burning Bush (and may well have a host of smelly beans to spill if he's pissed off) he'll probably end up doing some community service somewhere pleasant and being driven to it in a federal limo. He might have to host expensive dinners for the upper echelons of the U.N. thus risking a bit of indigestion, or have to write his memoirs and be inconvenienced by a flood of royalty cheques.