Giving the bird.

How often have you yearned to be or to do something that no-one else has? You can argue that we're all unique in our own little ways and within our individual sets of circumstances but, generally speaking, most of us are pretty pathetic and our experiences fairly mundane. The Dark Albino's had a reasonably colourful life and done things that not many people have; for example in a plane over Vietnam seeing dawn rise in a blaze of colours that defy description, shivering with pleasure at the painful beauty and strokeable silence of a Saharan night-time, or having a quiet weep at the simply awesome noises and smells of a jungle at sunrise.

As a percentage of the world population, the numbers of us who've had these experiences is small, but being unique, doing something that absolutely no-one else has done must be mind-blowing, even if the act, whatever it may be, is relatively insignificant. I think the Dark Albino (DA) can now make such a claim. I was in bed last Sunday morning ruminating and listening to the birds and, I suspect like a lot of other folk, wishing for a stroke of different if not good fortune when I heard a bird call that was distinctly out of place -  unusual at least in a high-density housing estate in urban Essex. Apart from my girlfriend there's not much that'll get me going on a lazy Sunday but the sound of this strange creature did. I looked out of the window onto the roof of an office block about 50 meters away and there was a peacock. When I pulled back the net curtain it saw me and, as if spotting a long-lost relative, made a chuckling noise and launched itself in my direction. To cut a long story short, more by luck than judgement, it made a successful landing on the sloping roof below the window and we became firm friends to the extent that it allowed me the priviledge of hand-feeding it biscuits. Now, people have fed peacocks, some have even done so by hand as owners of or visitors to large country houses but I'd bet a very large sum that no-one has ever done it naked, by chance encounter and gentle persuasion through a bedroom window in a modest dwelling in Stanstead and, I may say, have a revisit 6 hours later which included a sort of matey conversation. 

The whole point of our Order, the tales within the main text and these blog entries is to provoke a reaction. By comparing WE3, and The DA in particular, to Gandhi or Lincoln and trying to get some of the world's injustices put right by means of some inane ramblings is immodest and ambitious to the point of lunacy. However, I don't really care if the responses to this site are positive and mildly amusing, or negative and dismissive, just as long as something, somewhere happens. In the greater scheme of things, the DA's peacock experience is a one-off and therefore significant, but at the same time it's infinitesimally small. Nonetheless, if even the smallest item of content chimes with you by making you smirk or sneer, and particularly if you pass it on, it's possible we might win against the big boy bastards. Our little bits of individual uniqueness add to the synergy. It could be like the butterfly effect, only WE3 and The Order are calling it The Peacock Provenance.