Who can you believe in?

Having seen the light, as Members of our Order have, we rely on mutual help, advice and counsel to get us through the daily round and to re-acquire bits of other people's fortunes that are rightfully ours. (See chapters and blogs about anarcho-capitalism and state theft.) Nonetheless, as the previous blog entry showed we need someone or something occasionally to show us the way, we require an unimpeachable source of wisdom, a definitive guide about right and wrong. Most sensible people choose the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation. Firstly, it's British and is by definition unassailable. Secondly, it broadcasts to the rest of the world based on measured British values by educated, vocational correspondents rather than journos with a priapic ego and, some would say, corrupt media mogul bosses driven by profit. Thirdly, it's a corporation which implies a gravitas not enjoyed by attention-seeking broadsheet newspapers.

Until last week that is. Who can we believe in now, following the disgracefully inaccurate revelation by the BBC that your queen got pissed off and threw a tantrum during a photo-shoot? I won't retell the story, not least because if you're interested you can look it up yourself, but basically the BBC got a set of key facts all arse about face and didn't check before blasting the story to the rest of the press mongrels. Of course, it didn't lie. It didn't misrepresent. It didn't actually do anything wrong and no-one has had (yet) to resign. It "misinterpreted". Ring any bells?

One of the many themes of the website to which these blogs are attached, and some of the blogs themselves, relate to the big boys who can easily escape justice - whether it's ethical or statutory -  because of their haughty position on top of the food chain. Their fetid morality attracts the like-minded; smart-assed lawyers, spin-doctors and executives with the morals, attitudes and behaviours of rabid hyenas who'll willingly present their backsides to the alpha male. Well, my bottom ain't for sale chaps, and from now on I may well be watching the news on Al-Jazheera.