Elite space troopers required.

Apart from the fiasco of British Airways and Virgin airline officials prostrating themselves on the news today in the light of Department of Justice enquiries into another pricing con, (see my blog entry at myspace.com-darkalbino) there's the issue of oil and mineral rights in the Arctic circle. The Russians today planted a flag under the sea laying claim to about a third of the area and all minerals etc thereabouts. This is yet another example of state-sponsored theft and they can just bloody well piss off.

I'm here to tell you that The Order already owns it. There are 3 legal disciplines under International Law, itself only founded in about 1948, and none of them can cope with our prior claim. In Antibell's deposit box - some of the contents of which are outlined in the chapter in the main site - there is believed to be a claim to this sort of thing. It's in code and it was only when I keyed in "carbon", "oil", "very cold place with bears in the north", "gas" and "cyrillic" that our super-computers struck paydirt, so to speak. This encouraged me to look at space and I am hereby laying claim through The Order, on your behalf, to all the planets, stars, meteors, moons, rocks and bits that haven't been named yet, including The Moon because of its' Helium 3 deposits.

This of course means that, in the spirit of The Order's generosity and benign munificance, we all own the sun and therefore have no further heat and light bills to pay. There is a price unfortunately; we're going to need not only arctic-trained special forces to protect our interests and to pay for specialist gear - my kayak's got a hole in it and I've only got two pairs of thermal underpants - but we need spacemen (and women of course) to boldly go etc etc and be highly trained beforehand. For example, we'll need to sort out which travels faster, further and in what direction when used in a vacuum - the bullet from a Magnum or the person firing the gun, both of which, presumably, will go in opposite directions at equal velocity. There's also the small problem of space vehicles, but I'm hoping British Airways and Virgin (once the civil, criminal and tax courts have finished with them - yippee) will be so full of guilt and remorse will sponsor us in the vain expectation that all will be forgiven and forgotten.