More fake-ups.

I don't know what foreigners think of the current state of the UK but I'm in deep despair. As you may've read below, we're awash with fakes, lies, obfuscations, ineptitude, yobs, tensions, do-gooders and do-badders. I've had one pop at the venerable BBC, upon whom we used to be able to rely, but tonight's prime time TV must surely take the prize. I haven't decided what prize yet - let's see how things develop.

The well-known quiz "The Weakest Link" hosts some intriguing and occasionally interesting contestants, some of whom excel under pressure, some of whom understandably crumple despite being clearly intelligent and educated. The guests today were "celebrities who have an association with football". I should've guessed what the calibre would be. There were 9 females, all of whom had tits about 30 times the size of their brains and whose shoe size exceeded their IQ's by a considerable quotient. I'd actually heard of two of them; one because she was the wife of a famous, dead, drunk footballer and the other, well, I'm not sure why I knew her but she's a despicable, self-promoting, half-witted loud-mouth who significantly detracts from our human experience rather than adding to it by being something to do wiv like Big Bruvva innit ya na wha' I mean.

Now, I'll grant the BBC that the prize money was for charity, although how they hoped to win more than the bank charges defeats me, but the guests were all, without exception, air-headed wastes of space and viewing time. One question I can more or less remember was along the lines of "In rhyming sayings, which 'y' completes the phrase 'Rear of the ........'?" Even to a deaf, severely challenged, half-dead, witless moron the clues are in the question. The answer given by the poisonous, vicious, ego-driven wastrel mentioned above was "month". The audience dutifully laughed, whether out of sympathy, embarassment or on instruction from the floor manager we'll never know. I can't remember any of the other intellectual battles they faced but they'd've been along the lines of "Which letter beginning with b is the second letter of the alphabet?" You get the picture.

TV channels put on programs for various reasons; education, entertainment, information etc but I'm at a total loss to work out what this drivel was about. If I had one, I'd pray to a god it was a tongue-in-cheek expose. The ONLY service it provided to me was to highlight the abject poverty of intellect there is among so-called celebrities, people who're paid fabulous sums of money and who're courted day in and day out by the meedya innit to do nothing more than make complete arses of themselves. The hostess, Ann Whatshername (another celeb who does little except belittle people who she thinks are dim - and she's an ex-drunk with expensive plastic surgery too) did little to further the cause; she could've had a field day.

I am, by and large, a fan of democracy, which includes popularism to a certain degree, but I am utterly staggered at the BBC's wanton exploitativeness - not of the cretins who took part, but of us.  What's even more terrifying is that these celebrity contestants, who'd probably forget their names if they weren't written down in front of them, have the right to vote and help decide my future. If Islamic fundamentalists are targetting this sort of typically Western capitalist corruption, well, fake me, I'm a mullah.