Magna Carta 2.

I have fantastic news. It could be pay-back time, at long last. 

This, seriously, could be the start of something absolutely wonderful if, like me, you distrust politicians and their lap-dogs. For my American friends, sadly, my knowledge of USA politics is negligible so you may already have something like it in place, but bear with me PLEASE.

A Bill is to be introduced to the UK parliament on Oct 17th that will seek, wait for it, to make it a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for politicians to lie to or misrepresent the people. It forms part of a running documentary series on the BBC called "Why Democracy" and the intrepid reporter has succeeded in getting an MP to introduce this Bill to parliament for debate. I firmly believe this will gain MASSIVE momentum in this country. It is revolutionary - politicians currently only get mildly censured whereas we, the citizens, can go to gaol for lying.

This Bill, even if it gets through in watered-down form (no surprise there), will be bigger than Magna Carta and The Reform Act 1832 put together. It is a MASSIVE opportunity.

As I've said/written about ad nauseum on Myspace and on this website, I am sick to death of being lied to, misrepresented, blind-spotted and generally f***ed about by the big boys - judging by what I see on Myspace, you are too. If you haven't got such legislation, check it out on Google under THE MISREPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE ACT and follow the reporter's lead. (If you have, then you can still help - read on please.)

Please please PLEASE pass this on to as many folk as you can, both in your country and to friends in the UK. Myspace it, tag it, MSN it, text it, phone it, Email it, write it, think it. If, at long last, we can exert pressure on our politicians over here to stand up and be counted WE WILL MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE TO COUNTLESS INNOCENT CITIZENS like you and me who, for years, have suffered deliberate obfuscation of issues on which our well-being depends.

If anyone knows Michael Moore, tell him. If anyone talks to their god, tell him/her. Make sure WWMD on Myspace know about it too. This is serious stuff my friends. It is not a wind-up. You can see a video of the program by going to BBC's Newsnight's website. It could be the breakthrough us common folk've been waiting for.

I haven't got many friends on Myspace yet so if you have, PLEASE HELP ME and ask them to help you. Write to your MP and ask him/her which way they'll vote and watch them squirm. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.