More Magna Carta moments

On 12 Oct last year I tried here, in vain, to whip up some enthusiasm for honesty, transparency and accountability among our esteemed leaders in parliament. I tried to promote - here, elsewhere and with the BBC - support for Adam Price MP who was battling to get a reading of the Misrepresentation of the People Act 2007 which would outlaw lying, spin and general cheating by people whom we entrust with our lives and tax money.

Hah! Bet you wish you'd acted now eh? Now that loads of the ba*stards have been proved to have lied and cheated with their expenses. The worms are rushing out of the woodwork but will any prosecutions follow? Like hell they will.

The sound of ringing of hands, almost self-congratulatory guilt and shamefaced sighing is like a tsunami ........but I bet they all think that by apologising it'll go away and we'll vote for them again. Hmm - we'll see.

Get angry people. Write to your MP (or Senator/Congressperson), write to Adam Price MP and David Carswell MP (both of whom seem to be beacons of honest reform). Demand that the media get back on the case and cause of this legislation.

No.....don't get angry. Get even .... and ditch the lot of the grubby, self-seeking, arrogant shower and stand up for honesty by ONLY voting for politicians who are patently honourable. I'm not entirely convinced by him yet but Nigel Farage of UKIP is on a similar crusade with parasites in the European Parliament too. Go get 'em boys.