Hell hath no fury like Dark Albino scorned

It's some time since I had my last rant; put it down to apathy I guess. When I started this ill-advised venture (trying to whip up some enthusiasm amongst the other great unwashed for things that wound us up) I was a mischievous zealot, fired by a desire to make a few quid/dollars and a few socio-political points. With the tragic pointlessness and poison of the Bush dynasty, the British government's lapdog devotion to all things American and, back then, a feeling that the world was as good as it was likely to get (with several notable exceptions, about which I sounded off) I ran out of steam.

Since then, the good ole US of A has nearly reduced us all to penury with it's unbelievable approach to accountancy; the Israelis have continued to sh*t on the Palestinians, the UN and most right-minded folk who want a lasting settlement in the area; we continue to lose the war on drugs; we continue to lose the war on the Taliban (for Christ's sake, they brought Russia to its knees); a lot of Africans continue to screw anything that has a pulse and HIV/Aids is still as rampant as those who spread it; people are still being obliterated by landmines, and an Asian with a back-pack makes people run away at speed.

To cap it all, it seems that the average American still believes in and preaches Creationism AND does not want to be healthy (presumably believing that God will provide rather than knowing that a national health service definitely will) and here in the nearly Great Britain we're awash with corrupt politicians who demand with an injured air that we are to trust them. (Along with a creepy, smarmy, hand-ringing, God-moves-in-mysterious-ways Catholic church who won't admit to corporate buggery for centuries.)

Well, my steam has come back. When are we going to stop believing the bullsh*t we're fed by successive politicians and religious leaders? Democracy, and the lies it almost by definition engenders, has got to wake up to reality. When senior statesmen and leading political figures - who for decades have promised us that we'll be cared for, protected, nurtured, encouraged, made wealthier, made freer (hah!) and healthier - when they let us down they should be sent to prison for the biggest crime mankind has ever seen, misrepresentation of the people.

Instead, most of the bast*rds write their memoirs (bit difficult for Bush I suppose), go on hugely rewarding overseas lecture tours (again, a touch awkward for Bush and his cohorts who couldn't find his arse with both hands) and earn millions in so-called consultancy fees. They directly benefit from the misery they've inflicted on the rest of us. You may recall, in a previous rant I spoke about senior managers and officials who never make a mistake, never admit to failure and never lie - they "learn from things" or "introduce new procedures designed, after lengthy consultation and reviews, to ensure that the situation improves". Boll*cks.

It's been said, roughly, (and I'm sorry I'm not well-read enough to offer a solid quotation or source) that if we want change we have to effect change in ourselves. That's all well and good, but the person who said that was probably an intellectual and possibly someone with enough money and supporting structure behind him to sit and think wise thoughts. The rest of us have to trust someone else to help us a bit. My trust, like my steam, is wheezing its last breath.