Vex and the City

Those of you who are kind (or daft) enough to read my occasional ravings will know that I dislike "the American way of life", the State (both with a capital and lower-case "s") of Israel, religion of all hues, governments and their officials who lie/spin/obfuscate, and senior managers who to my mind do little except block true progress.

You will also know that I espouse honesty, controlled anarcho-capitalism and mild rebellion against perceived wisdom and "the establishment". It has long been my belief (evidenced in several blog entries hereunder) that the time for small men will come; land pinched from our ancestors by wealthy knights, royalty, the church and criminal businessmen will one day be returned to us, maybe not with interest but it'll come back.

The sins of our forefathers shall indeed be visited upon them and I reckon that payback time isn't far away. We've already recently seen the Greeks and Spanish rioting in the streets and it won't long before the French, the Portugese, the Irish and many other European brethren join in. The French may well do it because it's fun, although they'll pretend to be angry - they're good at that - and the Irish'll jump in because they love a good punch-up, whether they're drunk or not. BUT, the English ain't going to be far behind I assure you. When the whole, unexpurgated truth is revealed about how the Yanks dropped us all in the monetary sh*te, how the bas*ard bankers throughout the world lined their pockets on the backs of that misfortune and other sheer greed-driven avarice and how the previous British government lied about how messy it all was, boy are we going to have fun. (I mentioned Israel earlier merely because they've pooed in their nest, again, by denying the Palestinians the aid that's righfully theirs and in so doing severely piss*d off a lot of right-minded folk, again. They're not really a part of this rant but I want to do my bit to undermine their blind supporters a bit further.)

Anyway, when the truth hits home with budget cuts, wage cuts, pension cuts, job cuts, working time cuts, hikes in direct and indirect taxation, bail-outs of British Petroleum, bail-outs of British Airways (it'll be unsellable soon), rises in council tax and cuts in services then, dear friends, then we'll see the British people at their very best. The streets will run with blood. I don't like the idea and don't support violence but I honestly believe it'll happen. The riots we saw against that lunatic who invented the Poll Tax will be as nothing compared to the wrath that'll be visited against all forms of the establishment, who have already started and will continue to punish us for things we, the little people, didn't do.

The really scary thing is that our American cousins will join in, justifiably aggravated by the millions of gallons of our oil polluting their lives. When they start shooting and bombing at stuff, little things like accurate target acquisition don't seem to count for much.

Be a-feared, be mightily a-feared.